Allen and Heath SQ Series Video Tutorial (SQ5, SQ6, SQ7)

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Learning how to take your new Allen & Heath SQ5, SQ6 or SQ7 to the next level has never been easier thanks to the official Allen & Heath SQ Series Video Tutorial.'s David Wills spends 2.5 hours walking you through every feature of the SQ Series Mixers' workflow from Input Channels to Advance Routing with DCA groups and everything in between. Mixing 101 in the training uses easy to understand animations to teach you how a mixer works and how to use subgroups, EQ, Compression, Effects, Sidechains and Monitor Mixes- everything you'll need to know so you can mix like a pro.

If you have been getting frustrated trying to learn your SQ5, SQ6 or SQ7 from just using the manual, then sit down, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and look over the shoulder of a professional audio engineer with 30 years in the business putting your SQ Series Mixer through its paces.

Differences between Models
Overview of the Front Panel
Overview of the Rear Panel
Updating the Firmware
Backing up the Entire Mixer
Restoring to Factory Settings

What do Mixers Do?
What is the Signal Flow?
Aux Sends
Effect Routing
Pre-Fader vs. Post-Fader Aux Sends
The Frequency Spectrum
EQ Types
Dynamics Processing
Effects Types

Signal Flow
Patching Inputs to Channels
Preamp Settings
Naming Channels
Setting Levels
Using the Reset Function
Stereo Channels
HPF (High Pass Filter)
Insert Effects
4 Band EQ
PAFL (Solo)
Channel Library
Copy and Paste
Ganging Channels
Soft Keys and Rotaries

Aux Mixes
Pre vs. Post Sends
Assigning Channels to Mixes
Channel to All Mix
Matrix Mixes
DCAs on Soft Rotaries
DCA Spills
Strip Assign
Mute Groups

Effects Routing
Selecting Effects
Effects Return EQ
Graphic EQs


Live Workflow
Assigning Mix Outputs
Using DCAs
Using Ganged Channels
Setting Custom Layers
Using Mute Groups
Recording to USB Key
User Permissions
Remotely Controlling your SQ Series
Using Personal Monitors
Recording Workflow
Routing to an External Recorder
Recording with a DAW
Using MMC (MIDI Machine Control)
Using your SQ as a MIDI Controller
Additional Screen Settings


Customer Reviews

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Great Tutorial series on the Allen & Heath SQ Mixers

The videos in this series were very well done. It was well organized, and very well taught. I appreciated the detailed explanations of the Allen & Heath terminology. Though mixers do similar tasks, they often do things in a different order and use different terms and protocols. The instructor unlocked all those mysteries in a very clear and precise manner. I highly recommend this series.

Training for SQ7

Just what I was looking for after trawling the web and not getting satisfaction from all the random tutorials on Youtube. Great to have someone walk through the process from newbee to intermediate user. Perfect for getting to know all the capability and features of the SQ Series of mixers.

Drumheads Review

Good Day! Im a Session drummer and play in a few projects. The board is used in my studio for band rehearsals to route Vox and keys into a small pa and sub out to mic pre-s to route into Apogee Ansemble into protools. A section of the tutorial that I have not seen is one to address the integration into pro tools. ( could be too varied and complicated due to the various systems. ) the over all tutorial is the best I’ve seen - as with many things musical if you can’t explain it to a 6 year old you probably don’t know it yourself. Clearly this is your world. Well done. Any help on use with pro tools / Mac / would be the cherry on the Sundae of board use.


Great tutorial, this helped me a lot understanding how the SQ5 mixer works. Thanks

What we were looking for!

Our church bought a new SQ7 and the instal training consisted of “look up YouTube videos to learn how to use it”. When something went wrong we didn’t know how to fix it because we didn’t set it up or program the board. David’s course walked us through all the systems and capabilities we needed. In one week we took our system from moving faders to running a sound board. We can troubleshoot and program now in no time at all. I have watched theses videos three times already and learn new things each time. They are broken up into bite size classes so you can go back and find lessons you want to see again. We will be getting more specialty courses soon to enhance our program. Wish I would have found these sooner. It would have saved five months of frustration trying to learn our new system by trial and mostly error.

Well made series

I feel very comfortable looking at the SQ Series after having gone through this tutorial from David. Very confident that you will too have a solid foundation to work with these fantastic boards.

Fantastic tutorial!

As with all of David's tutorials, this is easy to follow and understand. Would highly recommend it, I've used the SQ a few times but never really gone further than the basics. This was very helpful.

Great tutorial! But....

The tutorials are phenomenal! I am sort of a beginner. So for me some of the terminologies could have been explained a bit better. I am a professional Photographer and sometimes teach / mentor others. When I do so I try to give instructions on a crayon level where even a youth could understand.
In the mixing 101 certain terminologies could have been explained in more detail for clarity. Examples are compression, routing, aux sends... etc. just my opinion.
In the end, because I pick up pretty quick and I did additional research to get a better understanding. The tutorial does give you enough information to get in front of the board and operate it as needed.

Over all I am pleased!

great help

Was Definitely worth the money,and was a great help getting me up to speed with my churches new Sq5 mixer...........loved the teaching style and all the instruction that wasn't covered in the manual....thanks,it really helped a lot....

PAEXP SQ7 (KIS) Course is Best-In-Class

I head the Media Ministry at my church. We just bought the Allen & Heath SQ7 and I needed a way to get my team up to speed on it before we went live. Came across ProAudioEXP and David via a Google search. I read reviews and took a $30 gamble which really paid off. David is an excellent teacher and his video persona is very encouraging. Keep It Simple is the best way for first-timers to learn quickly and the SQ7 course hit the mark. My whole team went from nervous to confident in 7 well-timed sessions. We will be back for the Master Classes and other courses in the very near future. Finding this course was a real blessing.