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Allen and Heath SQ Series Video Tutorial (SQ5, SQ6, SQ7)

Allen and Heath SQ Series Video Tutorial (SQ5, SQ6, SQ7)

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Learning how to take your new Allen Heath SQ5, SQ6 or SQ7 to the next level has never been easier thanks to the official Allen Heath SQ Series Video Tutorial.'s David Wills spends 2.5 hours walking you through every feature of the SQ Series Mixers' workflow from Input Channels to Advance Routing with DCA groups and everything in between. Mixing 101 in the training uses easy to understand animations to teach you how a mixer works and how to use subgroups, EQ, Compression, Effects, Sidechains and Monitor Mixes- everything you'll need to know so you can mix like a pro.

If you have been getting frustrated trying to learn your SQ5, SQ6 or SQ7 from just using the manual, then sit down, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and look over the shoulder of a professional audio engineer with 30 years in the business putting your SQ Series Mixer through its paces.

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Differences between Models
Overview of the Front Panel
Overview of the Rear Panel
Updating the Firmware
Backing up the Entire Mixer
Restoring to Factory Settings

What do Mixers Do?
What is the Signal Flow?
Aux Sends
Effect Routing
Pre-Fader vs. Post-Fader Aux Sends
The Frequency Spectrum
EQ Types
Dynamics Processing
Effects Types

Signal Flow
Patching Inputs to Channels
Preamp Settings
Naming Channels
Setting Levels
Using the Reset Function
Stereo Channels
HPF (High Pass Filter)
Insert Effects
4 Band EQ
PAFL (Solo)
Channel Library
Copy and Paste
Ganging Channels
Soft Keys and Rotaries

Aux Mixes
Pre vs. Post Sends
Assigning Channels to Mixes
Channel to All Mix
Matrix Mixes
DCAs on Soft Rotaries
DCA Spills
Strip Assign
Mute Groups

Effects Routing
Selecting Effects
Effects Return EQ
Graphic EQs


Live Workflow
Assigning Mix Outputs
Using DCAs
Using Ganged Channels
Setting Custom Layers
Using Mute Groups
Recording to USB Key
User Permissions
Remotely Controlling your SQ Series
Using Personal Monitors
Recording Workflow
Routing to an External Recorder
Recording with a DAW
Using MMC (MIDI Machine Control)
Using your SQ as a MIDI Controller
Additional Screen Settings


Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Rodney Pendleton (Alexandria, US)
From guessing to knowing!

The Allen & Heath SQ Tutorial provided much needed technical information in an easily understandable manner. It enabled me to quickly find and fix some problems that I have struggled with for a long time. I highly recommend all the ProAudio tutorials for beginners and more advanced church AV staff.

Marcel Engelbertink (Warnsveld, NL)
Just the tutorial I needed

For my Allen & Heath SQ5 I was looking for a video tutorial that was complete and in the right tempo. This tutorial was perfect for me!

Chris Marquard (Chicago, US)


Severn View Studio engineer. (Telford, GB)
Well worth doing this course. Learnt a lot that helped me use my new desk

Well worth doing this course. Learnt a lot that helped me use my new desk. Would recommend.

Carol Cole (Longview, US)
Great SQ Videos

It was great to have someone to through what everything does in detail. We got our sound system a couple of years ago. So, thank you so much Dave.

Reginald Hill (Atlanta, US)
Fantastic Tutorial!!

I could have used more on the I/O but, otherwise it was fantastic.

John Owings (Edmond, US)
Allen & Heath SQ series

Amazing and comprehensive tutorial over that SQ series.

Craig Livaich (Sacramento, US)
Exactly what I was looking for….

I was complainimg to my Sweetwater rep that Allen and Heath videos are too quick and condensed to grasp the scope of the SQ5. They are more marketing videos, where I wanted training videos. I found many on YouTube that addressed a small portirom of the board, but they were scattered about. I needed a start to finish package. Someone who understood the foundation of learning, and taught sequentially, where each video drew on what came before.

Then I found David. The course is comprehensive and at the proper pace to learn what the board is capable of. It sets you up to begin learning as no one can teach experience, one needs to dig in and get ones hands on the workflows to master the board. Maybe others who come with more experience with digital boards would feel differently.

Some subjects need a bit more depth. Id like to see him add to what he has created as we (the end users) call for help with certain subjects…. Id like to see greater detail on the record and playback for,example.

David is so approachable, I may ask him if he wiling do additional in depth amendments of the boards setup and workflows. Like a masterclass of the SQ series. I’d pay for it.

Bottom line A+

Will buy additional courses. We are lucky to have this man, doing what he does.

Simon Gyamfi (Wollongong, AU)
Good tutorials and very helpful.

Good tutorials and very helpful. Takes time to explain. Still learning We are yet to set up our sq-7.

Riccardi Denis (Montreal, CA)
well explain!

Its easy to follow.

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