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Presonus Studio One 5 Video Tutorial

Presonus Studio One 5 Video Tutorial

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Learning how to record and produce incredibly professional sounding tracks in PreSonus Studio Live has never been easier thanks to the PreSonus Studio Live 5 Video Tutorial.'s David Wills spends over 4 hours walking you through every feature of PreSonus's Studio Live workflow from setting up your software to work with your audio interface and MIDI controllers to creating radio-ready mixes and everything in between. DAWs 101 is a module in the training that uses easy to understand animations to teach you how a DAW works and how to use subgroups, EQ, Compression, Effects, Automation...everything you'll need to know so you can produce incredibly professional sounding tracks in Studio One.

If you have been getting frustrated trying to learn Studio One from just using the 500 page manual, then sit down, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and look over the shoulder of a professional audio engineer with 30 years in the business putting Studio One through its paces.

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Differences between Studio One Versions
Types of Tracks
Track List
Help System

DAWs 101
What is a DAW?
What do DAWs do?
Do they replace a Recording Studio?
Types of Tracks
MIDI Tracks
Audio Tracks
Types of Editing
Effects Routing
Mixing Down

Audio Interface Settings
Naming Inputs
MIDI Controller Setup
Keyboard Shortcuts
Recording File Types

Creating a new Song
Creating a new Track
Types of Tracks
Project Templates
Setting your Input
Recording Levels
Recording an Audio Track
Record Mode
Loop Recording
Recording Comped Tracks
Using Instruments
Selecting Patches
External Instruments
Recording MIDI Tracks
Step Recording
Retrospective Recording
Record Quantize
Chase MIDI Notes
Instrument Loop Record
Takes/Tracks and Layers
Track Folders
Punching In
Note Erase
Note FX
Input Filter
Note Repeat
Using Loops
Using Impact
Recording Drums Manually
Recording Patterns
Review of Recording Workflow
Using Remote App for Recording

Overview of Editing
Using Markers
Handy Keyboard Shortcuts
Setting up Transport Shortcuts
Using Arrangements
Using Scratch Pads
Using Chords
Editing Tempo and Time Signatures
Insert Silence
Comped Tracks Editing
Editing Tools
Slicing Audio
Strip Silence from Audio Region
Audio Bend
Pitch Editing with Melodyne
Groove Tracks
Editing MIDI Tracks
Adjusting Velocity
Converting MIDI to Audio
Converting Audio to MIDI
Saving Tracks/Mixer Settings to Browser>Files

Setting up Audio Interface for Mixing
Mixer Overview
Grouping Channels
Temp Grouping
Aux Sends
Using Plugins
Editing Plugins
Transform or Freezing Tracks
Using FX Chains to pre populate Mixer
Using Remote App for Mixing
Automating your Mix

Creating a New Project
Adding Songs to a Project
Editing Songs
Creating Fadeout
Adding Mastering Effects
Setting Loudness
Batch Exporting Songs
Creating Shows
Creating Setlists and Players
Customizing the Show Screen

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Robert Klein

If you’re new to Studio One and home recording, look no further. You have come to the right place.

I consider myself a lifelong professional student. In my opinion, David Wills is the consummate audio engineer/music producer teaching professional. I feel extremely lucky to have found David and Pro Audio EXP.

By way of background, I had limited knowledge about, and no experience with, home recording prior to doing the Pro Audio EXP Studio One course. I spent approximately four months getting familiar with the various components of a home recording studio and basic audio recording terminology. The source of my knowledge was a combination of reading Jeff Strong’s excellent book, Home Recording for Dummies, and watching several YouTube videos.

After vacillating as to whether I really wanted to devote a large portion of my time and energy to home recording or continue to develop my skills as a musician, I took the plunge in early December, 2023 and purchased the basic components of a home recording studio, the centerpiece of which is Studio One. Being an analytical professional student, I didn’t commit to this decision until I researched and decided to purchase what appeared to be the ultimate learning tool to begin getting up to speed with Studio One and home recording, i.e., Pro Audio EXP’s Studio One course.

Five weeks later, I can confidently say that my instincts were spot on. The proof is in the pudding. Not only have I completed the Studio One course, which included multiple reviews of individual modules with copious note-taking and simultaneous hands-on experience with Studio One, I have successfully recorded and edited several audio tracks for my first song. This includes a vocal track that was achievable as a result of an online vocal training course that I began less than three months ago.

My home recording success to date was made possible by David Wills. David’s unparalleled enthusiasm, experience, and devotion to teaching was obvious from the first minute that I began watching his introduction video. This, combined with David’s calm, down-to-earth demeanor, quickly removed any lingering doubt that I had regarding my decision to commit to home recording.

David’s many years of experience as a professional audio engineer/music producer working with several of the most successful recording artists has resulted in a well-structured comprehensive course that provides you with the essentials for learning Studio One. I looked forward to each and every lesson, knowing that it would provide me with the necessary tools for understanding and solving particular problems I was experiencing. The value that I derived from the course was second to none.

In addition to completing the Studio One course which I will continue to use as a reference, I began Pro Audio EXP’s Ultimate Home Recording School course this morning. I’m confident that this course will enable me to continue growing my home recording skills and make me a better musician. In summary, David Wills and Pro Audio EXP have quickly become, and will continue to be, my go-to home recording learning resource.

Thank you, David!

richard b.

This course was amazing! David teaches in a way that is so easy to understand and retain. I learned a lot about studio one to help with my workflow and actually utilize the tools in the DAW! Will definitely be purchasing more products from David! 5 stars!

Donald Easton
Presonus Studio One 5 Professional

I’ve purchased Davids DVD’s for many years now. He doesn’t drown you in the manual, but gives you a Précis need to know. Essentially what you need to make things work. Even if you do get confused, you can watch, and rewatch until you get what he’s explaining into your head. I had been considering doing a college course in Sound Engineering, but I have everything from David’s courses that they were going to show me in 3 hrs a night over 7 weeks.
I really like David’s approach. I’ve watched his DVD, and I’m now playing with it. The good thing is…if I get stuck, I just go to the appropriate section for refresh. Don’t want to upset him…but if I ever make it Colorado, I’ll need to visit him. 👍👍😘

Don Coyer
Clear, Concise and Fun

David makes sense and knows how to teach. You can tell he's not just "reeling" it off, he puts himself in the shoes of the student who needs to learn. Having a pro who is not just a computer face, but a real person who is a great musician and writer makes a big difference. These are by far the best courses I've encountered, and well worth the money. Here's a pic of my previous studio, Now it's a large brand new building, digital gear, (Presonus 5 and the StudioLive 64 S. I have some pics but hadn't located them)

Nev Smith
Great tutorial, just what I needed!

Hi David, again you explain the necessary bits so well, all you need to get up and running to produce the best projects! Highly recommended.

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