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Roland Juno-G Tutorial

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Learning how to use your new Roland Juno-G has never been easier thanks to the official Roland DVD Owner's Manual!

Look familiar? True to its heritage, the new JUNO-G is affordable and user-friendly. But that’s where the comparisons to yesteryear end. This modern marvel packs a studio’s worth of sound, sequencing, and audio recording into one amazing instrument. Sharing the same high-powered processor as Roland’s famous Fantom-X series, the JUNO-G puts a world of first-class sound and performance features under musicians’ fingertips — and allows more sounds to be added via SRX expansion. Songs can be created with the onboard audio/MIDI recorder, all for an incredibly low price!

Take your Juno-G skills to the next level and pick up the official Roland DVD Tutorial today!

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Front Panel
Rear Panel
Playing the Demos

Selecting Patches
Audition function
Using "Favorites"
"Sound Modify" knobs
The D-Beam
Transposing/Octave Shift
Using the Arpeggio
Using Rhythm Patterns
"Performances" explained
Selecting Performances
Creating a Performance
Live Settings function

Effects overview
Effects routing
Adjusting Effects
Possible Effect problems

Getting started
Setting the Tempo
Recording Drum parts
Recording other parts
Recording a beat/groove
Recording an Arpeggio
Recording Chords
Saving your Song

Edits overview
Micro Edit

Audio overview
Recording a Guitar part
Recording a Vocal part
Inserting a Loop
Editing Audio
Transferring thru USB
Stretching Audio
Tuning Audio
Custom Drum Kits
Saving your work

Using the Mixer/Effects
Automating your Mix
Mastering Effect
Mixing down
Exporting to Computer

Patch/Rhythm editing
Tone Copy
Using with ext. devices


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
This DVD Is A Must Have

This video opened up a whole new world of capabilities for me. Though the original owner's manual has a lot of information, David's video serves to connect the dots so to speak. He did a great job at explaining and applying the Juno G capabilities in a way that's easy to understand and implement so that I spend less time thumbing thru a manual and more time creating. I will come to this site from now on to look for available DVDs to the gear I buy. Thanks!

Chip (Moon Township, PA)
I d give it six stars if I could!

This DVD manual is brilliant. I learned so much, so fast. The Roland Juno-G isn t the easiest thing to figure out. This DVD manual helped me get up and running quickly. I watched it beginning to end, which really accelerated the learning curve. And still I use it as a reference when I m trying to figure out something specific. The navigation makes it easy to go right to the section you need.There was only one part that I felt was less than perfect. It is where you are transferring files to your computer. The narrator says something like If you don t see the file on the screen, it is probably because you didn t write it. Well, he didn t say to write it in the sequence leading up to this section. But at least with that quote, you can figure out what went wrong an how to fix it. But that s just a minor issue. Overall, this is a great product. I wish everything I bought had something like this available!

Michael Fox (Southern NJ)
Perfect companion to your Juno-G

This is a wonderful training DVD for the Roland Juno-G synth. It is very thorough and laid out in a logical way from beginning to end. The trainer, David Wills, is an amazing instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable with music technology, and clearly explains almost all the aspects of the Juno-G synth. David brings to life many of the things that one needs to know to perform both basic and advanced operations on the synth.The DVD starts with an orientation to the front and back panels of the synth. It then moves on to using the controls appropriate for playing. Next David covers the many onboard effects, building a song with drums and other parts, editing, and then recording audio. He also covers connecting the Juno-G to your computer, as well as advanced functions such as editing patches and rhythms.During his presentation, the video switches to a close-up view of the part of the front panel that David is working with. This makes it very easy to follow what he is doing. Finally, the DVD has navigation menus that allow you to jump to different sections, which is handy.I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Patrick Burnett
These guys are great

I purchased a used Roland Juno-G in 2011. This was the first synthesizer/workstation I had purchased in 20 years and, boy, things have changed! I was so glad when I found that Roland offered a training DVD for the keyboard. I didn t know at the time that it was David Wills or behind it, but came to really appreciate that fact after viewing just the opening chapters.David has a knack for creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in his tutorials that breaks down the techno-barriers and allows learning to happen regardless of what the viewer s technological background or playing level is.I learned a lot about how to operate that keyboard by watching the DVD. David goes into a lot of detail about not only how the keyboard works but about music and rhythm sequencing, recording, synth programming and user settings that the manual just doesn t cover (well, cover in plain english!) has also shown me their commitment to customer service with very personal attention to ever detail of my orders and extra helpful videos.I recommend them and only wish they had a DVD for every major piece of software and equipment that I own!!

Absolute necessity

The narrator really opens the product all the way. Even though you feel you ve perhaps made a good choice with the Juno-G(LCD screen problem notwithstanding) there is hardly any way to know how many goodies you are really getting.I haven t had a new synthesizer since I junked my Memorymoog after a divorce it has taken this long to regroup andI am amazed at how far the techology has come. This DVD is essential. Both manuals that comewith the unit are not enough. . . so I consider this DVD to be an absolute necessity.The only aggravating point is his reference to certain functions or paramaters as these guys. That is my idiosyncracy. . .I cringe to that particular echo.He talks fast and moves fast which means you get a good deal of information compressed into the time limit but you can stop and go back. Ha it is one of the best TV shows I ve seen in a while. Watch it over and over and everything starts sticking. There are so many fine points you don t want to miss. Neglecting to adjust one little thing will keep you from your work.The overall flavor is the man giving you some great tips. . .really showing you the ropesjust like a personal friend doing you a kind favor.Before you know it, you have yourinstincts in play and moving on down the tracks.I have another DVD for my Tascam neo 2488 and he does a splendid job there as well.First I said Oh no it s him but he s okay.Great buy and I intend to refer back to it for things I don t need right now. He is very friendly and personable, not condescendingeven when being gently simplistic. He pulls the drawers off this thing and makes her blush.Buy it you will use it as long as you have your Juno.

C. MCCLUNG (San Bernardino, Ca. USA)

I purchased this DVD because I am new to the world of synth. I am mostly a guitar player who loves and is learning the piano. I also really want to get into the whole recording aspect which is why the Juno-G appealed to me with it's ability to record live instruments. When I first got the keyboard the manual overwhelmed me; however, I read it as much as I could, when I could. Well being a musician and visual person I was hoping there was an easier way and I was suggested this DVD. I must admit that it has helped SO MUCH. I am able to put my portable DVD player next to me and search through the sections that I have questions with. All in all, this is a much easier solution to the manual and is great for learning the amazing capabilities of this workstation. If you are someone who needs to see and hear what the manual is talking about this DVD is an A+.

Tim S.
Excellent Instructional DVD

When I purchased the Juno-G, I was new to the world of synths. The manual that came with the Juno-G while comprehensive, was not newbie friendly. I had a bad case of buyer's remorse, out of frustration I wanted to return the instrument, but instead purchased the DVD. Instructor David Wills is an outstanding teacher, starting with the basics and moving you into the more advanced aspects of the instrument. By the time I "graduated", I was thankful that I purchased the DVD, well worth the money, David Wills made me realize how much power this instrument had, and more importantly, how to use it. This should be a must-buy if you purchase a Juno-G

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