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Tascam DP-004/DP-006/DP-008 Tutorial ProAudioEXP

Tascam DP-004/DP-006/DP-008 Tutorial

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The Tascam DP-004, DP-006 and DP008 DVD Tutorial is designed to be more than just a complete guide to using the DP-004, DP-006 and DP-008: it teaches basic recording techniques to musicians getting their first start in recording. Since the production of this DVD, Tascam also came out with the new models DP-006 and DP-008. Because the DP-006 it is basically the DP-004 and DP-008 with a few added features, this DVD serves the Tascam DP-006 and DP-008 models too.

This DVD is suited for learning all models of Tascam's smaller Digital Portastudios. The DP-004, DP-006, DP-008 and DP-008EX.

It begins with a section called "Recording School" that teaches beginners the basics about microphones, multitrack recording and mixing. It goes on for the next 40 minutes to cover every aspect of recording, editing and mixing on the DP-004 and DP-008 Digital Pocketstudios.

If you've invested in Tascam's new DP series Pocketstudio, this DVD goes into great detail helping you get the most out of your recordings, as well as creative ways to use your DP-004 and 008 with your PC or Mac.

Take your DP-004 and DP-008 skills to the next level and pick up the official Tascam DVD Tutorial today!

PLEASE NOTE! This DVD cover the operation of both models: DP-004 and DP-008

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DP-008 Special Notes Clip

Front Panel Overview
Rear Panel Overview

"What is multitrack recording?"
The signal path
Recoding levels
Setting levels on the DP-004
Microphone placement
Types of Microphones

Creating a Song
Naming a Song
Connecting a microphone
Routing Inputs to tracks
Setting levels
Arming Tracks
Recording 1st track
Importance of good monitors
Using the Guitar (Hi-z) input
Recording a vocal part
Punching in
Bouncing Tracks





Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joseph Mankowski
If you want to learn, this IS the place to go.

I purchased the course for the Tascam DP-006. I learned more in one video, than I did trying to read the manual. It is a wonderful machine, and just by watching the videos, I am getting the most out of my investment. I just don't understand why they don't make manuals user-friendly. However, the videos are great, and explain what is needed in full detail. In addition, ProAudioXP will answer any question that you have, usually within one day. I am very impressed by the videos, the company, and the support! I highly recommend any courses offered, as you WILL learn what you need to!

GIovanni COverr
Tascam DP-006 Tutorial

I was amazed at the simplicity of this video tutorial. Going through the manual was an absolute night mare. With it's small print and layout. I strongly recommend this tutorial. Wouldn't it be nice if this DVD tutorial came with the package? I could access the tutorials anytime on line. What a Godsend!

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