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Tascam DP-24/DP-32 Tutorial ProAudioEXP

Tascam DP-24/DP-32 Tutorial

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The Tascam DP-24/32 DVD Tutorial is designed to be more than just a complete guide to using the DP-24: it teaches basic recording techniques to musicians getting their first start in recording.

While the DP-24 is a powerful easy to use portable Recording Studio, there are still many functions that may be difficult for beginners to learn. This DVD has been designed to walk you through an entire recording session. From setting up microphones to using reverb and EQ to shape your mix, Host David Wills (Michael Jackson/Phil Collins) teaches you all the tips to get the most out of your new DP-24 or DP-32.

From basic recording to advanced subjects like importing drum loops, USB transfers and CD burning, this is the must have companion to your DP-24 or DP-32.

(Please note that this DVD while shot on the DP-24 is perfectly applicable to the DP-32 model)

Take your DP-24 or DP-32 skills to the next level and pick up the official Tascam DVD Tutorial today!

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Front Panel Overview

Creating a Song
What is Multitracking?
Assigning Inputs
Setting Levels
Using the Tuner
Recording to a Metronome
Recording an Acoustic Guitar
Overdubbing a Bass Guitar
Using Microphones
Recording Vocals
Playback and Mixing
Punching In
Using Effects (Dynamics/Gtr)
Virtual Tracks
Using Locators


Mixing Overview
Mute/Solo functions
Using EQ
Send Effects
Using Inputs on Mixdown
Mixing down your Song

Connecting a Computer
Importing/Exporting Files
CD Functions
Miscellaneous Functions


Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
Alan Chan (Fremont, US)
Rascal DP-24/32

An excellent course for beginner/intermediate level to learn using the machine for recording. Step by step instruction, along with demo makes learning easier than reading instructions. Highly recommended for owner of DP-24/32

Ravi Khan (Adelaide, AU)

Tascam DP-24/DP-32 Tutorial

Peter Josefsson (Oslo, NO)

This tutorial is the best I found. Most on YouTube are uncompleted and with some background music that disturb. Really recommend Davids tutorials

William Ball (Coweta, US)
Tascam DP-24/DP-32 Tutorial

Great info, well worth the money to learn about the DP24

Roger Arshagouni (Tucson, US)
DP 24/32sd Tutorial

Simply the BEST Tutorial out there on my DP 32sd, i have looked at a lot of youtube videos & the one glaring fact that stands out above all the rest, is that Davids tutorials, are VERY DETAILED, & COMPLETELY understandable, he has a very pleasant speaking voice, & it's like he is in the same room with you, & he is talking TO you, not AT you, from the beginning to the end, so you get up to speed & record very quickly, with great quality results, & in a fun way!!!!!!!!
A+++++++++++++++++ all the way!!! THANK YOU, Roger

Sean Nelson (Mill Valley, US)
Finally it works right!

I have lots of home recording experience with Tascams.
When my 788 died I got the DP24
I went through the Youtube videos and could not get the thing to do
what I was used to. It sat for years as a result. Upon ordering your
tutorial I was back on the road in a matter of hours. Many thanks.

Les Erickson (Victoria, CA)

Excellent for what I do!

John Faughey (Miller Place, US)
Tascam DP-32

I have recently just purchased the DP-32, and I started out by watching videos on you tube. For some reason I just didn’t connect to any one of them. When I came across ProAudioEXP I dove right in. and I immediately felt connected to David. He made everything make sense, and was able to get the info across without talking above me. I was able to understand, and more importantly grasp what he was saying. It immediately opened up so many doors on the DP-32 for me. I was able to actually use the machine and get the maximum out of it. I also emailed him a question, and he responded in just a few hours. And again…his answer was put in such a way, that I was able to understand exactly what he was saying. I highly recommend this tutorial for anyone wanting to get the most out of this unit. Even if you think you have it down, it still would be a good idea to watch them. I have watched a few other videos on the ProAudioEXP website, and I have found them all to be amazing. I plan on taking the Home Recording course in the next few weeks, and I am pretty sure it will not disappoint.

Curtis Lee (Detroit, US)

Tascam DP-24/DP-32 Tutorial

Antonio Pacheco (dj banGsta) (Oklahoma City, US)
Tascam DP-24/DP-32

All of David’s Videos are TOP TIER !! I have been a customer for years !!! Not to date myself but I remember buying his stuff as far back as the Roland SP-808, MC-909 or even the VM-3100 and I bought those instruments when they originally released so I’m definitely a life long customer !! Thanks David !!

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