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Zoom H4n Tutorial

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Learning how to use your newZoom H4n has never been easier thanks to's H4n DVD Tutorial!

Representing the next level of professional recording performance, the H4n delivers unbeleivable audio quality and performance. Zoom’s most sophisticated handheld recorder to date will amaze, no matter the application. It's a Field Recorder with up to 4 channels, a Multitrack Recording Studio with world class effects, Phrase Trainer, USB Interface with up to 96K 24 bit resolution...a virtual swiss army knife of audio recording.

The comprehensive DVD goes into every feature of the H4n with nearly 2 hours of expert instruction from's David Wills...a 25 year veteran audio engineer who has worked for some of the biggest names in the industry including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Chicago, Diana Ross and many others.

Not only will you understand every feature on using this unit as a field recorder, you'll learn how to use it as an interface to record into your favorite PC or Mac audio application like Cubase, Logic or Pro Tools.

Take your H4n skills to the next level and pick up's H4n DVD Tutorial today!

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What is the H4n?
Overview of unit
Getting around the screen
The 4 Modes of the H4n

Microphone Configuration
Recording Levels (Auto/Comp/Limiter)
Recording Format
Microphone Placement
Using External Mics (Phantom)
Miking Techniques
Setting Markers
4-Channel Recording
Using Folders
Naming Files

Setting Levels/Panning
Creating a New Project
Using the Tuner
Using Effects
Using the Metronome
Multitrack Recording Example
Alternate Tracks
Punching In/Out

FIle Edits
MP3 Encoding
Auto Recording
Pre Recording
4-Channel Edits
Multitrack Edits

Importing/Exporting files
Using as a USB interface
Working with DAWs (Cubase Le, Pro Tools, etc)
Using the H4n's Effects in Cubase

Using as a Phrase Trainer
A/B Repeat
Archiving Analog Media
Podcasting Applications
Using the Remote



Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Steve Palmer (Gatineau, CA)
Pro Audio Delivers!

I found Pro Audio's course on the Zoom H4N absolutely essential. A friend of mine also has the Zoom so I gifted him with his own copy of Pro Audio's course too. I'm looking forward to getting Pro Audio's Home Recording course now.

Ed Riegler (West Chester, US)
H4n tutorial by a master

David does a remarkable job explaining in everyday language all of important concepts and functions of the H4n. His tutorials enabled me to grasp all that I needed to begin using this great tool. I recommend his course to anyone, regardless of musical skill level. Zoom should hire him ! Ed R, Cincinnati, OH.

a must have for the zoom h4n recorder

I found the manual a bit hard to understand all the different ways to connect devices and record sound using the Zoon H4n. This DVD took me in different directions, that i hadn't thought of and showed me more ways to fully use the recorder. I wish it came with the Zoom H4n and a DVD on the Cubest 5 Le software that comes packaged with the zoom too. Documentation in the manual just doesn't do the Zoom justice and the same goes for the Cubest 5 Le software. I find great benefit in seeing how others are using the device, it open a whole new world of options and tricks to try out. It had mixed reviews when I bought it. I finding it was worth seeing what the Zoom H4n could do and how it was done. Too bad there wasn't more on the Cubest 5 Le software, That alone could fill a DVD. If you are an advanced sound guy you may not need this DVD, but it could help explain useage to people that you might hire on a location shoot. It came very fast and I had no problems with the seller.

mike cummings
I love an Aussie accent

This tutorial is thorough, and I found it very helpful. The production value was great, and the host really knows his stuff. It's a great compliment to my H4n.

Deborah (Denver, CO)
Wish I'd got it sooner

I wish I would have known about this tutorial when I first received the H4n as a gift. The user manual that came with the recorder was awful and because of it my H4n sat in a box. I learned more in this video in a short amount of time then I would have been able to on my own! Thank you for the great information!

I agree

If you own or are going to own the H4n buy this DVD. I agree with the other 5 star reviews. Zoom SHOULD ship with the H4n....

A great way to learn

Honestly, this is much better than I expected it to be. It encouraged me to get out my H4n and discover new features. The presenter was engaging and explained everything very well.

Very informative DVD which, in my opinion should be ...

Very informative DVD which, in my opinion should be purchased by Zoom, then packaged and sold with each H4n recorder.

Amazing Tutorial - Couldn't Recommend More Strongly

I have to confess that I really didn't expect much in terms of video quality. Instead, I just wanted to learn a few tips and tricks about my new Zoom H4N and was willing to suffer through whatever poor video quality I would be confronted with. Wow!! Was I shocked. This is really an amazing video. In terms of content, the DVD very quickly introduces you to the basics of the Zoom H4N and then covers a number of tips, tricks and secrets found no where within the owners manual. But there's a bonus, the host, video and audio quality are better than many televised cable shows. Really first rate. Some videos you need to review time and again to get the information you need. Certainly, you'll want to watch this video over and over. However, the host and video do such a superb job that you'll be amazed at just how much you pick up during the first viewing. Again, I really can't recommend this video highly enough!

Ken Poindexter
A Must Have Resource for Every H4N Owner!

The is a comprehensive course that covers every important feature of the Zoom H4N. David Wills pulls back the curtain to demystify the operation and use of this great device and expose the viewer to the real power and features of the H4N. David is great at sharing his knowledge. His information reduced my learning curve extensively and I was able to effectively use the H4N in my video production business right away. Buy the course! You'll be glad that you did.

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