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Zoom R24/R8 Tutorial ProAudioEXP

Zoom R24/R8 Tutorial

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Learning how to take your new Zoom R24 or R8 to the next level has never been easier thanks to the official Zoom R24 / R8 Combo DVD Video Tutorial.

Zoom took the incredibly successful R16 and turbocharged it with world class production tools like a drum machine and sampler...and added 8 more tracks too! With 24 tracks and 8 track simultaneous record, this may be the only piece of recording gear you need.

Not only is it a rock solid stand alone multitrack recorder, it's also a 24 bit 96K high quality I/O audio interface and control surface so you can remotely start/stop and control your faders on your favorite audio application like the included Cubase Le.

Zoom also recently released the R8, the little brother to the R24. This DVD covers the operation of both models.

This comprehensive training DVD taught by David Wills (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins and Diana Ross) goes over every detail of your new Zoom R24 and R8 with over 2 and a half hours of up close personal instruction.

Take your recording skills to the next level and pick up the official Zoom R24 / R8 DVD today!

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Special Notes section on the R8


Front Panel Overview

What is Multitracking?
Creating a Song
Assigning Inputs
Setting Levels
Recording to a Rhythm Guide
Recording an Acoustic Guitar
Overdubbing a Bass Guitar
Overdubbing a Vocal
Playback and Mixing
Punch Ins
Perform a Punch
Using Insert Effects
Understanding Takes
Locate Points
Repeat Function

Playing Rhythm Patterns
Recording Rhythm Patterns
Assigning Patterns/Loops

Mixing Overiew
Mute function
Loop effect
Effect sends
Mixing down your Song

Connecting a Computer
Using as an I/O
Using as a Control Surface
Importing/Exporting Tracks

Additional Screens/Functions

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Chris Fezzler (Charlotte, US)
Back to The Future Zoom R24

Hey fellow ProAudioEXP fans! Did you know some of the older recording equipment is now more affordable than ever used? Call it vintage, nostalgic or old school, but I call it fun. No manual? No worries. ProAudioEXP has training covered at an affordable price. Pickup some old gear and have fun! Diggin' my old new Zoom R24. Cool recording device.

Reviewer avatar
Yann (Luisant, FR)
Unravels the R24's complexity

The problem with devices (and software) filled with a zillion functions is that, by yourself, you have great difficulties picking out and sorting everything. The tutorial makes all elements clear from the start. After the first half of the video it is already clear what precise steps you have to follow for a simple recording. Also, as a non-English speaker, I am delighted that the language in this video is very understandable and clearly spoken. (no subtitles though, but it wasn't a problem). David is a very likeable teacher, he's aware of his audience. Thanks!

Dan Shalom (Paris, FR)
A highly recommended course

This is the second course I am reviewing. The first was on the br880 drum machine course which was amazing and turned an intimidating silver box I had avoided for a year since buying it into my best friend.

This zoom r24 course has been a very similar experience. Clear, to the point, and delivered with the genuine grace and warmth. David really 'knows his stuff cold'.
I have learnt things about the machine that would probably have taken months for me to discover alone.

I have also bought a bunch of his other courses that I will review as I complete them.

He has also been very responsive to queries.

I imagine this is the first review of 2022 on ProAudio EXP!

Jason Jones (Ottawa, CA)
Zoom R24

Very informative tutorial, David is very knowledgeable. I'm very pleased.

Christopher Sinisi (Citrus Heights, US)
Zoom R24 instructional DVD

I am about half-way through the Zoom R24 instructional DVD. This is one of the best purchases I have done in a while!!! The Zoom R24 Manual is ok but actually seeing a professional audio engineer go through the all different bells and whistles that the R24 has is awesome!!! I have learned lot; especially the rhythm and loop features. I am finding out that the Zoom R24 is a very powerful stand alone non-DAW recording device. In the year that I have had it, I have only utilized about 1/3 of its capabilities!! With this video tutorial, I am pretty confident that I will be able to utilize at least 90% of the powerful capabilities of this recording device. Christopher Sinisi

Dick Mayborn (Inglis, US)

I’ve just started up to watch it.
First I want to say that I’m a retired music teacher from Sweden, technology have never been my strongest side so to speak, but so fare so good when it comes to this dvd.
I could make a better review later on to get the dvd justice so to speak.
But I just bought this Zoom R1 and then I found your dvd so this must really be good.
But so far I just love it, we have a word in Sweden that we study in Sweden to become a teacher, that word is “PEDAGOGIC”, maybe it’s the same here in the us but so fare this dvd is very “ pedagogical”

Sabby (Ridgecrest, US)
A great beginning

Definitely worth the time and the money, yet it is only a beginning- there is so much to learn. I do wish there was more detailed instruction for creating drum tracks, and closer visuals on the inputting of the Zoom while creating the drum tracks. I appreciate David and his heart - he is a true teacher. Thank you.

louise epperson (Ellijay, US)
zoom r24/r8 tutorial

a very good tutorial and a great teacher.daviid taught me were i was having gain will learn more from davids course than from any manual.thank you very much.

Lee Glassman (Petaẖ Tiqwa, IL)
Zoom R8

Excellent tutorial!!!! The only one, in my view, of all the other tutorials on offer, that is clear , coherent, professional and reliable. Thanks to David's tutorial I have now manage to understand this devise.
Highly recommended. I was on the brink of despair until I purchased thus tutorial

Lee Glassman

Tom Swart (Zoetermeer, NL)
Great multitracker

David’s videos are clear and even if you don’t make music, fun to watch.

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