Antelope Audio introduced the world’s first bus-powered microphone - Edge Go

Antelope Audio introduced the Edge Go during the last 2019 NAMM Show in Southen California, last January. It is described as the world’s first bus-powered modeling microphone, competing against all the modeling microphone in the music industry.

Edge Go is a studio-in-a-mic magical experience like no other with a circuit-level microphone, with its technology sound that can expertly-crafted effects emulations aboard Antelope Audio’s real-time FPGA FX platform.

Recording for users will be easy because of Antelope Audio technology on it. You can describe Edge Go as a studio-grade, large-diaphragm condenser USB microphone that provides producers, traveling musicians, podcasters, music vloggers, and tech reviewers with unprecedented access to Antelope Audio’s industry-leading microphone-modeling technology. With such a feature, it does not only produce high-quality recorded sounds but also provides accessibility.

With Edge Go, Antelope Audio unlocks so many features for its users, like precise software emulations that have the world’s most iconic mics and studio effects processors. Another cool feature of Edge Go is its plug-in capability that you can use directly into a Mac or PC.

With Antelope Audio’s exacting specifications and technology, Edge Go has dual-diaphragm capsules also giving its users the practicality of its USB-C output for recording directly to their computer. It’s easy to use; no need for other external music tools. Overall, Edge Go functions as an audio interface in its own right, offering pristine A/D conversion with up to 192 kHz/24-bit resolution. With such a feature, it is higher than the usual USB mic musters.

In the music industry and the world of pro-audio, Antelope Audio is known for building high-end, analog-to-digital converters and super- accurate digital clocks. Their products can be found all over the world, from recording studios to broadcast facilities. With such credibility from Antelope Audio, Edge Go is built with an excellent engineering pedigree to provide Antelope Audio sound quality in a go-anywhere, bus-powered modeling microphone.

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