ArmoníaPlus Tutorial Video – new series released by Powersoft

ArmoníaPlus is one of the software products of Powersoft, designed for audio professionals, musicians, and music enthusiast users. 

Recently, in the music industry news, Powersoft has released a series of training video on YouTube to help its users understand and fully grasp the capabilities of ArmoníaPlus.

The training videos of ArmoníaPlus aim to give access to its different untapped features. It also allows beginners to understand more about home recording and mixing, utilizing more of what ArmoníaPlus can offer.

These videos are composed of hour-long sets that comprehensively covers different angels of the software, from old to new features that Powersoft introduced with ArmoníaPlus when it was released last October. Aside from providing information to its new users on the software, the goal of the tutorials is also to let existing users know more about its previous iteration, Armonía.

The new ArmoníaPlus redesign features an upgraded software interface. It has a single window interface with four main views. Because of this design, users can take further advantage of intuitive hotkeys and simplistic icons, allowing them to move between functions efficiently and easily.

Users can move through four main steps: Design, Config, Tune, and Show. Each step offers different functions, in terms of audio flexibility for different scenarios. It can also allow users to audition different speaker presets. This series of YouTube tutorials cover all of these sound functions. Additionally, they also put into light about the new feature of ArmoníaPlus, which is the Shading. This feature allows the interface to reduce the gain of loudspeaker limiter thresholds coherently, keeping the balance between elements even if the system is limiting.

“When we were designing ArmoníaPlus, we wanted to make the system easier to use and employ,” said Powersoft US application engineer Rick Woida. “We also wanted to make certain that we were still supporting our users who work with Armonía and allowing them to learn the new features over time.”

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