BOSS Tuner App—Convenient, Top-Quality Tuner App

The new BOSS Tuner App features the BOSS’s trusted chromatic tuning technology, now accessible with availability to iOS and Android mobile devices. Good news, it is available as a free download. Conveniently, BOSS Tuner App has an interface that features the look of the best-selling TU-3 pedal tuner.

With this feature of BOSS Tuner App, it can provide accurate on-the-go tuning for guitar, bass, ukulele, and other instruments. This app from BOSS also can be used as a visual pitch-checking tool for those you are practicing their own vocals ability.

The world’s first automatic chromatic tuner was launched by BOSS during 1983. It is the TU-12. With its release, BOSS has remained a place in the industry as a leader in electronic tuner technology ever since. Today’s BOSS has a great and high-quality array of tuner, which includes many unique hardware models, offering musicians and educators top-quality resolutions for a wide range of applications. And now, with the BOSS Tuner App, BOSS expands the range into the world of mobile apps for the first time, offering a go-everywhere tuning solution for current BOSS users and anyone who needs accurate tuning on the move.

This new tuner app from BOSS has its own intuitive TU-3 interface and display style. With this design, the BOSS Tuner App will be immediately familiar to users of the top-selling stompbox tuner for guitar and bass. It features a 21-segment meter and note display, delivering instant tuning feedback, with its two arrow indicators clearly show when a note is in tune. The BOSS Tuner App can also play audible reference pitches, allowing users to tune by ear if desired. A newsfeed is included in the app as well, delivering up-to-date information on BOSS products and the artists who use them, creating a visual community of users with it.

The following are the key features of the BOSS Tuner App:

  • BOSS’s famous chromatic tuning technology in a free mobile app
  • Features the look and interface style of the top-selling TU-3 Chromatic Tuner
  • Provides hands-free chromatic tuning with a 21-segment meter, note display, and visual tuning indicators
  • Tune instruments and voices using the built-in mic in your mobile device
  • Audible reference pitch function for tuning by ear
  • Customizable background color
  • Newsfeed provides info on BOSS artists and gear
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

The BOSS Tuner App is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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