Cinematic Guitars Organic Atmospheres — High Technology Features for Atmospheric Sound

The award-winning sample library company, Sample Logic, has proudly announced the availability of Cinematic Guitars Organic Atmospheres. This collection of sound will provide all your need to produce your music.

Cinematic Guitars Organic Atmospheres is an atmospheric collection of live sound samples and presets. It has an advancement than anything in the market because it is part of the award-winning CINEMATIC GUITARS family.

This is composed of compelling cinematic virtual instruments powered by Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONTAKT PLAYER platform. With such powered technology design, it will certainly bring it to an even higher plane of organic soundscape creation consciousness as an all-in-one cinematic atmosphere solution second to none.


Modeled entirely from guitar recordings, based on real acoustic guitars of all shapes, sizes, and styles, Cinematic Guitars Organic Atmospheres provides a set of an astronomical set of diverse, organic sounds in inventive ways. With these guitar effects, this product highlights both the natural and earthy tones of realism and the imaginative world of cinema. Additionally, one of its users, an inspiring individual was tasked with creating all the original samples from a suitably sizable guitar collection — composer, performer, and producer extraordinaire Steve Quimette, famed for his Guitar Hero exploits.

Cinematic Guitars Organic Atmospheres makes creating simply about creativity, letting you nothing less than ensured with its effortless design of infinite soundscapes. By being built on Sample Logic’s dynamic MULTI CORE engine, Cinematic Guitars Organic Atmospheres allows up to eight simultaneous SOUNDSOURCES to be stacked and shaped via four SOUNDCORES (with each SOUNDCORE capable of playing back two SOUNDSOURCES simultaneously), so starting with the seed of a soundscape then working outwards with the intuitive interface can quickly spiral into massive sounds.

With such massive scope of sounds on it, mixing sounds in Cinematic Guitars Organic Atmospheres makes for a new kind of KONTAKT user experience. You can all do it with ease by simply dragging the crosspoint along the X/Y axis to smoothly blend between four SOUNDCORES, while the 3D Mixer itself is so much more than a balancing tool with an axis that can be linked to effects parameters that can also be animated with Sample Logic’s proprietary Step Animator and Morph Animator. With this particular technology on it, you can take things to an even higher plane of organic soundscape creation consciousness.


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