Genelec creates the S360 & 7382 SAM for a no fuss system

Genelec has developed a new sound installation for any music purposes. And it’s something that most audio engineers will find useful for their high fidelity audio spaces.

As Aki Makivirta, research and development director at Genelec puts it, in these types of sound installation, the size vitally matters to make all the speakers fit into a confined space. The Genelec S360 is a two-way powered monitor which measures a relatively diminutive 530 x 360 x 60 mm, putting them into the mid-field bracket while weighing in at a hefty 30kg.

A pair of S360s are capable of generating 130dB at one meter and, alongside the 7382 sub can hit 105dB at a 10 meters distance. The frequency range of the S360 alone is 36 Hz to 22 kHz (-6 dB), but the lower end is extended considerably by using the 7382 sub. The S360 also features an energy saving mode, the Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS), that ‘sleeps’ the system if idle but wakes it up when it needs to be used again.

One good thing about Genelec is they are very conscious when it comes to details, which is apparent with the speaker’s off-axis response is excellent, making good for any sound, may it be drums or guitar tones. The speaker itself features several mounting points and the integral amplifier can be removed and racked using a special kit, essential if it will be used in a confined space.

The 7382 sub features three 15” drivers driven by a 2500W external amplifier, the RAM SW, which means the speaker can be flush mounted in a convenient location without worrying about heat issues. The sub’s connectors feature analog LFE and digital connectivity alongside the connector for the speaker system. Using the sub takes the combined system’s low end down to 15Hz – which is going to be essential for those cinematic explosions and monster attacks. The crossover can be set between 50 to 100Hz and has a slope of 48dB per octave.

Key Features

Smart Active Monitor (SAM) systems

Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) technology

Iso-Pod Stand

± 2.0 dB (39 Hz – 19 kHz)

RRP: S360 – £2,875; 7382 – £7,530

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