Surface Pro 3: Thin and Handy LapTab

We almost encounter desktop or laptops where we can make our own music. However, because of the influence of technology development, there is now a tablet that could replace the laptop in terms of music-making. That is the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It’s really what we are waiting for in today’s digital generation. We really need a tablet to run the music software properly.

That tablet we are expecting to might just be the perfect match for the Surface Pro 3, which can quickly turn the whole setup into a laptop-style device with the optional Surface Pro Type Cover feature. This was proudly announced by Microsoft and runs the system in the Windows 8. This only means that the software is just fine with all the major DAWs and plugins.

Carry It On

We want to have a ready-to-go device for our music tracks. That is how Microsoft made the Surface Pro 3. It fits everyone’s needs for lightness and thinness. It had a 12-inch display system. This is certainly that svelte machine with just 9.1mm thin and just weighing 800g. The options in its processor include Intel’s Core i3, i5 and i7, and you can choose to have a 64 or 128GB of storage with 4GB RAM, or 256GB or 512GB capacity with 8GB RAM. It promises you a long life battery period of up to 9 hours. So, you are allowed to keep your work on it for long hours. It can compensate with your need for high resolution with its screen resolution of 2160×1440 pixels. Indeed, the perfect one for your work.

Other features it had included a multi-position kickstand. Through this kickstand you are free to position your screen at different angles and with the optional Surface Pen. Because of such release, the market industry assumed that Microsoft is targeting ‘serious’ computer users comparing the Surface Pro 3 with the MacBook Pro rather than the iPad Air on its website. It’s one of the most successful creations now in the music industry.

The Surface Pro 3 can be pre-ordered directly from the company who did it – Microsoft. The price starts at $799. Customers within the US who want to get up closed to the device can check it at Microsoft retail and Best Buy stores. They can now get their hands into it. For customers within the UK, it will be available for shipping by the end of August.


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