Roland VS-2400 Compact Package

A compact device is in-demand with people. Now, a Roland VS-2400 device comes your way with an extraordinary amusingly feature that will surely fit your recording lifestyle. It is a comprehensively equipped device, but extremely petite with a multi-track workstation built in.

Roland VS-2400 also includes the expandable onboard effects suiting the recording you want with a full automation and a basic audio editing facility which lets you edit recorded files easily and hassle-free.

Even though the operating system of this device will be familiar to anyone with the previous VS workstation experience, still it can be learned by a novice. In the part of the novice, they’ve seen this with a fairly shallow learning curve built, with a generally labeled buttons and controls provided, and had a clear interface graphics for user on the LCD monochrome seen internally.

Roland VS-2400 has been inherited from the many features of the flagship VS-2480CD which actually like a premium analog type component, VGA output tacked in, motorized faders and a powerful mouse-based type control software while adding new ultimately cool features exclusively for its own such as the RSS 3-D panning as well as the V-LINK for integrating Edirol video products. It has a built in onboard effects and an internal CD drive which lets allows you to mix, burn and master music recorded just like a professional one.

The Roland VS-2400 control buttons had the same features with an extensive dual-functionality as the bigger type of a machine which almost of the buttons having shifted to another function in addition to what it primarily does. Some of the buttons had a dual color display which depends on the current mode of operation you are doing. The buttons may flash to warn some important condition that may need to be done.

There are also basic techniques you need to be familiar with in the case of creating records or mixing that are important to create a definite punchier type of music. First, you must know the features of the device to be able for you to detect which button to push. Check the peripherals, the front panel and the VGA screens if it is working. Be able to familiarize important details even little ones. Take time to read the equalization including the shelving EQ bands, parametric bands and the EQing with the mouse.

You must also know the dynamics both the compression and expansion for you to be able to activate, when to take the parameters, keying another source of data and even copying parameters from another source. Don’t forget the effects because music will be vain without the manipulation of the loop effects and the Aux effects. Take time to learn also the usage of Automix uses the setup, snapshots, automating dynamic mixes, punching and editing the Automix data. The above features are important.

Roland VS-2400 brings professional 24-track number of recordings and a CD burning feature that can let your skills surely brings you to the next level of professionalism in the music of the recording industry.

PLEASE NOTE!  We have a comprehensive factory-authorized DVD tutorial on this product.  Details and sample clips can be found here.


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