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Today, we all know that there are different sample library out there that might waste your time, but there are still some of them that we could remember which had helped us a lot with our music experience. With BOB Collection, you can take your experience to the next level. It can be a useful tool for you to take what you want with your own music.

Bolder Sounds brings you their (Best Of Bolder) BOB Collection sample library to the Korg KRONOS music workstation. The BOB Collection sample library is now the 9 volume with 1.5 GB comprehensive sample library which covers a wide variety of musical genres.

This collection released by Bolder Sounds offered users Korgs EXs proprietary format. This mentioned format allows users to download the demo versions of each volume with the audio level periodically fading out – the codes there are then being provided by Korg with purchase of each volume lifting this restriction.

Let us take a look of BOB Collection for the Korg KRONOS volume descriptions:

American Folk

BOB collection from the family of American Folk Music. It features 2 Steel Guitars, Autoharp, Bluegrass and Fretless Gut-Strung Banjo, Mechanical and even traditional Hammered Dulcimers, Mandolin, Mandola and Mandocello.

Celtic Pipes

BOB Celtic Pipes featured here include the 2 Scottish Highland Pipes, Irish Uilleann Pipes and Pub Pipes. The sampled articulations here include flutter and grace notes.


An ambient BOB collection of Crystals which is next in line offers 3 sources of beautiful crystal glass samples featuring 8 Crystal Glasses, 6 Quartz Meditation Bowls and 1 Large Bell Shaped Crystal. The articulations in this description include crystals hit with a variety of items ranging from mallets and wood dowels to coat hangers.


The BOB Collection – Granular is considered to be an unusual collection featuring software generated soundscapes.

Miscellaneous Instruments

It contains an eclectic mix of instruments and sound FX straight from Bolder Sounds. It sounds an interesting one because the instruments included are Classical Guitar, 3/4 size Upright  Bass, Acoustic Bass Guitar, 2 Fretless Bass Guitars, Steel Drums, Celtic Harp, Bassoon and many more.


This volume featured samples carried away from two contrasting pianos with a bright and dark tonal character. Also, it included various Prepared Piano samples taken from the bright grand piano.

Slate Rocks

These Slate Rocks with 7 suspended sounds in various sizes will offer users rare percussion kits for their tracks.

World Music

World Music include plucked and wind instruments to create its collection.


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