Waves Plugins and Waves eMotion LV1 Live Mixer Broadcast Sounds at Eurovision 2019

The annual song contest Eurovision 2019 collaborates with Waves for its live sound production. The sound team behind Eurovision Song Contest 2019 chose Waves plugins and Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer to broadcast the sound of the competition to over 200 million viewers, including users and musicians who are into sound mixing.

The team is presented by senior audio broadcast engineer Omer Barzilay and FoH engineer Eran Ben Zur. Eurovision 2019 will be broadcasted from Expo Tel Aviv, May 14-18.

It will three live shows – two semi-finals and a Grand Final. Eurovision 2019 will be held over three days. The show is composed of 41 competitors, four hosts on stage, and numerous guest performers, and featuring an exclusive two-song live show by guest star Madonna.

“When it comes to broadcast, you are usually looking for system redundancy and backups; eMotion LV1 delivered just that,” said broadcast mix engineer Omer Barzilay. “It is a clear advantage to have a software-based system: we were able to easily create two identical systems with two Waves SoundGrid servers each, and we created even more backups on our personal laptops.

“One of the greatest advantages of using the LV1 is that I was able to mix most of the songs ahead of time,” Barzilay added. “I was mixing about a month and a half in advance of the show, at my studio, by routing all the stems that I received ahead of time from Pro Tools to eMotion LV1, creating all the automation and effects so they were ready for the show. Time is crucial when mixing so many different songs for such an immense musical event, and if I hadn’t used a software base mixer, I would never have been able to be prepared this way.

“Eurovision 2019 was a massive production in terms of scale and responsibility,” Eran concluded. “Waves tools enabled us to take on this challenge with the confidence and conviction that we will have a smooth ride.”

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