Acoustic Primer: Exploring Room Acoustics

Have you ever wondered how room acoustics work? Have you ever wondered why your brain is on sound? Where does acoustic panels go? All these questions will be answered by “An Acoustic Primer,” a short and practical video explanation of room acoustics.

The nearly ten a half minute video illustrates the basic concepts of how sound works in rooms, what is the impact of room acoustics in our ears and brain and how do we treat them, and what is the right positioning of acoustic panels.

Released by Acoustic Geometry, “An Acoustic Primer,” is composed of three highly impactful videos edited together in the best order to provide an overview of room acoustics, or “sound in rooms.” “An Acoustic Primer” is a video presentation that compiles more than 175,000 combined YouTube views from “How Acoustics Work” video playlist.

Being a physical space, the room is the final and most influential component in creating the ultimate live sound. So whether you are a musician, audio expert, audiophile, home-theater owner, or just interested in sound, knowledge of such can be truly helpful.

“An Acoustic Primer” is fast-paced and entertaining, while providing the most current information in the shortest format. By themselves, the three widely popular videos- “How Sound Works (In Room),” “Your Brain On Sound,” and “Acoustic Panels – What & Where” are changing the way practical acoustics and acoustical products are viewed. The video presentation can be viewed on the Acoustic Geometry YouTube channel.

Acoustics Geometry was created by Acoustical Surfaces as a way of marketing its simple and affordable acoustics solutions to the retail world. Backed by the company’s 31 years of product experience in the field of architecture, acoustics, and noise control, Acoustics Goemetry provides room acoustics for any kind of space, ranging from theaters and music rooms to corporate spaces and performance venues.

Here's a link to their most popular playlist.



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