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Roland TD-20/TD-12 Tutorial ProAudioEXP

Roland TD-20/TD-12 Tutorial

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Learning how to use your new Roland TD-20 or TD-12 has never been easier thanks to the official Roland DVD Owner's Manual!

Without a doubt, the new TD-20 is Roland’s best percussion sound module ever, offering the ultimate sonic quality, over 500 new sounds, plus superb expressiveness and dynamic range when used with the new PD-125BK/105BK V-Pads and VH-12 V-Hi-Hat. With the superior sensitivity, drummers can play more naturally and without having to adjust their playing technique. The TD-20 includes the ability to vary the rim shot and bass drum sounds depending on how you play, plus new interval control for better snare drum rolls and more realistic cymbal swells. Close your eyes. Listen to every articulation and sound being faithfully re-created until the moment your cymbal fades away, and you’ll swear this is a real acoustic set.

With the same pro-quality sound as the TD-20, the new TD-12 drum module provides hundreds of expressive instruments and play-along sequences in a streamlined, affordable package.

Take your TD-20 and TD-12 skills to the next level and pick up the official Roland DVD Tutorial today!

PLEASE NOTE! This DVD covers both units...The TD-20 and the TD-12 V-Drums.

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Front panel overview
Playing the Demo
Rear panel

Selecting Kits
"Storing" changes in a Kit
Restoring to Factory settings
Cross stick
Function screens
Naming Kits
Copy functions
Chain function
Mixer settings

Selecting Instruments
Editing Instruments
Copying Instruments
Assigning Patterns to Instruments

Differences between TD-20 and TD-12
Compressors explained
Compressor settings
EQ explained
EQ settings
Ambience settings
Global Effects (TD-20 only)

Trigger Banks
Trigger settings
...velocity curve
Advanced settings
Naming Trigger Banks

Selecting Patterns
Editing Patterns
Creating your own Patterns
Tap Patterns vs. Loop Patterns
Quantize settings
Recording example
Playing Percussion sounds
Playing other parts from a MIDI keyboard
Pattern edits

MIDI explained
Transmit/receive MIDI settings
Using the MIX in jack
Setting MIDI channels
Sync screens
Using Direct Outs
Footswitch settings (TD-20 only)
Backing up/Restoring


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